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            Enjoy the rich warm earth tones of our handcrafted Tuscany Stoneware series. These tiles are designed to accent many of today's popular travertines and tumbled marbles.
            Enjoy the elegance and prestige of handmade tiles from Ceramitecture. Subtle variations give this series a unique quality that can only come from handcrafting. Each piece is created one on one with care by one of our dedicated craftsmen.

There are eleven tile designs and seven trim designs in this series with more on the way.

            The deep relief designs of our Tuscany Stoneware series make it ideal for use with our recycled-glass glazes. All the patterns in the Tuscany Stoneware series are also available embellished with these incredible glass glazes for even more dramatic accents. Available in seven colors.
Our tiles are handmade on a per-order basis. Please expect subtle differences
in color and texture.

Below are links to our downloadable print ready PDF files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to
view and print them.

Ceramitecture Catalog 10 MB- Glass Glazed Tile Collection

Glass Glazed Tile (part one) 14.7 MB - includes examples of Fleur de lis, Leaf Star, Drew, Stella, Meco and Swirl.

Glass Glazed Tile (part two) 10.4 MB - includes examples of Urd, Daisy, Star Knot, Square Knot and Louis.

Glass Glazed Trim (part one) 6.70 MB - includes examples of Daroth, Vinga, Zunga and Hogan

Glass Glazed Trim (part two) 6.92 MB - includes examples of Cerpa, Square Knot and Cerchio.

Little Catalog 5.89 MB - this catalog contains smaller pictures of all the glass glazed tiles and trims as well as the Tuscany Stoneware collection.